Day 3- Tot Rock

I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter. She is sweet, smart, curious and extremely independent. Since I am a working mom, I am always searching for something Madelyn and I can do outside of our normal home routine to continue to build our bond. My girlfriend who also has a toddler wanted to know if we wanted to join them at a Tot Rock class. (pretty much a themed weekly class with things to shake, move and groove to) I thought it was a great idea!

My husband and I are both teachers. Our expectations for our daughter are already so high because we have seen a lot within our classrooms and just really want to raise a great kiddo!

I walk in to the first tot rock class thinking I had really prepped Madelyn for what was to be expected.

“Maddie, we are going to have so much fun listening to the teacher, sitting when she tells us to and exploring!”

Maddie smiles and nods.

Actual first class…

Only child crying to give the items back, running to the door to open and leave, crying so loudly we actually had to walk out and she refused to go back into the class.

I actually cried on the way home while talking to my husband.

Fast forward a few weeks later…

Tonight at tot rock I stared in awe and amazement of my sweet and helpful little girl. She participated beautifully, explored carefully and was the teacher’s little helper while cleaning up and returning the things the kids were playing with.

Lesson learned mama. She needs time and practice because she is just a little peanut. Still continue to prep her for new situations and let her have those bad days when she has them because she needs her mama most then. I did not give up on her and just pull her from the class for one bad night. I continued to give her opportunities to get better. Major lesson learned mama.



Date Night

My husband and I truly value our time together. We love to share a love of food, drinks and good conversation with each other. We are both teachers, so let’s just say that we try not to continue “shop talk” at home. When we get a short time away from our gorgeous, cuddly and sweet little toddler… we really value it.

Grandma watched our peanut last night while we enjoyed a very early dinner and tasting at our favorite restaurant, Cooper’s Hawk. We tasted wines, we chatted with the servers, we ate a delicious dinner and we vented to each other. Life has been very hard and emotional lately. We BOTH needed the vent session. It was amazing, motivating and so genuine.

I think we both walked in our door with a rejuvenated outlook on life and our careers. Not that our vent session was related to our relationship, but we have had to deal with many hurdles and life path questions lately. Also, as I am currently typing this while watching “The Voice” a singer is singing our wedding song, “You are the best thing” by Ray LaMontagne. I can say after a much needed date night, my eyes are clear and my heart is full.

First blog post-#truth

This is the post excerpt.

Truth is…I do not know much about blogging. I think I can count on one hand how many times I have followed someone else’s blog. I know I loved reading one runner’s journey and how she managed being a mama and wife too. Now I read a few other mom’s blogs, but that’s really it. My husband often tells me he feels like he is teaching his grandma about technology when I ask him “techie” questions.

I do not consider myself a wonderful writer, so to be honest this challenge makes me a bit nervous! I do enjoy reading about other people and feeling like I am not alone in certain situations. I am looking forward to getting to know more about the wonderful people I work with!

I decided to do this challenge because I do want to expand my mindset and see how I can stretch myself with this. I do teach first grade kiddos, so I am not sure how I can apply this to my classroom, but I am very open to new ideas! vintage-4