Our classroom reward is called CHAMPS. When we see our entire class doing something great towards their learning, we earn a letter in the word. However many letters we get in a day then we get to pull numbers to fill in our hundred chart. When we fill a row in on our hundred chart, we earn a reward.

Our chart is starting to fill up at this point in the year. Today was a double reward day! We got to play a “Silly Sport and Goofy Game” from Kagan. We also earned an extra recess!

I so enjoyed being outside with my kiddos today. We played relay races and the playground. We giggled, smiled and enjoyed our time together. What a nice way to end the day before a week off for Spring Break! Hoping we will all come back refreshed and ready to learn.


Ode to Spring Break

Spring break, spring break I’m happy you’re here!

This teacher is tired, it’s been quite a year.

The kids are all done, my desk is a mess.

Let’s bust out the wine and forget all the rest!

And when we come back, we’ll be all refreshed

Who am I kidding, being a teachers the best? Right? Anybody?

This was written in collaboration with my hubs tonight. He is a 5th grade teacher so this is definitely the feel in our household right now!

Comfy teacher shoe store?

I have the sweetest little girl in my class who always compliments my shoes. Last week she noticed that I have the same pair in two different colors. She also noticed that a few other teachers had the same pair! (Tieks brand….amazing)  Our cute exchange of words went something like this…

“Mrs. Dennis, why do all the teachers have those shoes?”

“They’re a super comfy shoe and teachers really like super comfy shoes.”

“Where do you buy them?”

“From an online store.”

“Is it called super comfy teacher shoe store?”

Giggling of course I reply, “Yep, it’s called something like that.” 🙂

Today she let me know that she liked the sound that the heels of my boots made. Love the little things my firsties notice about me throughout the day. I wonder if she will like my shoes tomorrow.

My list of gratitude

This is just where my head and heart are tonight…

  1. My husband- he’s just so supportive
  2. My daughter- she is amazing, cuddly, cute, curious, funny and so much more
  3. My mom and grandma- I talk to at least one if not both of them on a daily basis
  4. My teaching partner- she is the strongest person I know
  5. My best friend- she is always my mama drinking buddy at anytime of the day
  6. My students- for giving me sweet hugs at all the right moments
  7. My Co- workers- the best group of people I’ve ever known and most days the reason I keep coming back to work
  8. My dog- he’s just so cute and lovey
  9. Coffee- it keeps me going these days
  10. My home- it’s cozy and makes me feel good

Bedtime Babble

My daughter made it known from the start that mommy was going to put her to bed. We’ve always set a bedtime routine to help her settle. Bath, pajamas, milk and books, bed. It used to consist of rocking her to sleep and singing softly to her. Now she doesn’t prefer to be rocked anymore, but now I put her up on my shoulder for a sweet cuddle before I lay her down.

She has added babbling into our routine lately. Her babbles consist of every word in her vocabulary.

“mommy, daddy, bubbles, mimi, bubbles, mommy, dodda, mommy, mom, mom, daddy, shhhhh, la la la, mommy”

(she has more words, I was just exaggerating ;))

I love this new spin on her bedtime routine that she’s added. Sweetest babbles I’ve ever heard.

Got a piece of myself back

This morning I got back on our treadmill and I ran two miles. Two miles may not seem like a lot, but to me it’s a huge accomplishment.

I started running years ago due to my wonderful teaching partner who introduced me to 5k’s. After that first 5k, I was totally hooked. From there I ran 10k, half marathons and even the 2010 Chicago marathon. I didn’t consider it exercise, running to me had healing powers.

Life these past few months has really thrown some curves my way and I just didn’t feel like myself. I had no motivation to run. I was signed up to do a half marathon in April, but due to not running these past few months, I won’t be doing it because my stamina is no where near ready. I’ve never ever given up on a race because I didn’t prepare for it. I was so disappointed in myself.

I woke up this morning feeling great and decided to get back on that treadmill. It felt wonderful. So to most two miles doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s where my body told me I was done today and it feels like a great accomplishment to me.


My daughter started saying no this weekend. She is 19 months old. We have been so pleased up until this point that her responses to questions was always yes or ya.

It truly was so much more upsetting to hear “Noo” come out of her mouth than I had expected! I’m okay when the response is appropriate, but she is responding no more than yes. I know she is a toddler. I know she is a kid and this is what they do. It still makes me sad.

“Madelyn do you want to get dressed for swim lessons?”


“Do you want to go in the car?”


“Do you want to take a bath?”


“Do you want to build with blocks?”


She’s also developed an Australian accent with her no, which makes it a tad easier to hear because it’s so cute. 🙂

Where did my sweet little “ya” girl go?