Spring Break

At 3:30 today , I was so done. I walked out of school so mentally and physically drained. I am so ready for this break. It is so so so very needed.

This year has not been terrible by any means. I have a huge group of kiddos, but they are pretty nice kids. It has just been the demands and expectations of teachers these days that get me. My never ending emails that are thrown at me, the tireless effort my teaching partner and I put into thinking about what we are teaching them and trying to meet everyone’s needs and all of the educational politics that really eat at me.

I’m so ready to shut off my teacher self for a solid week and just be present with my family. As I sit here typing this, my body is calling me to shut my eyes and go to sleep as my legs feel as if they have sunk into the couch.

I will soak up every minute of this break and try very hard to recharge and reenergize myself for a great end of the year. I know I can do it. Go be awesome Kelly.


Our perfect after school evening

Our perfect after school evening took us to the library to pick out movies to watch over Spring Break and 5 books.

Our perfect after school evening took us on a walk outside to the park with our pup Riggins.

Our perfect after school evening had us meet a new friend at the park and watch little baby chicks walk around!

Our perfect after school evening had us chat outside with our neighbors and their sweet little daughter who loved Madelyn.

Our perfect after school evening brought us dinner from our local Greek place, even though we usually don’t eat out on Thursdays. (we will be sure to cook at home tomorrow ;))

Our perfect after school evening was topped off with a treat of yogurt with M&M’s for my sweet little one who gobbled up all of her dinner tonight.

Our perfect after school evening for the rest of the night will have a lot of playing before bedtime books and snuggles.

Our perfect after school evening was perfection.

“Please may I have this dance?”

“Please may I have this dance?” is actually a very common phrase in our home. I think from an earlier slice I have shared about my Disney princess loving, ballerina of a toddler.

A few nights ago, I was finishing some things upstairs while my husband and daughter were playing downstairs. She is going through a real mommy do it phase, so I was happy for her to get some quality playtime with my husband.

I walked downstairs to the sweetest sight. My husband had taught Madelyn how to curtsy, just like Belle does with the Beast and Matt was taking a bow. He politely asked her for the dance as she placed her hand in his. They danced around our kitchen island pretending to be Beauty and The Beast while listening to the soundtrack.

Now when Madelyn is playing alone using her imagination, I often hear her say, “Look at my pretty dress” as she spins in a circle. Then when she catches me watching her, she reaches out her hand and says, “Please may I have this dance?”

Oh how I love my little princess.

Never Ending Home Projects…

I’m definitely the kind of wife that is always looking for some way to make our home better and more organized. I wouldn’t say 4 years ago when we bought our home that we bought a fixer upper, more like an updater (if that makes sense).

The woman who previously owned our home lived here for 33 years and she loved the color green. Green cabinets, counter tops, tile flooring, green walls, green ceilings and green ceiling fans. Anywhere you looked in the home was a shade of green. Thank goodness we were able to see past that with our little bungalow filled with charm and character.

We’ve done the kitchen cabinets, floors and made an island. We’ve painted almost every  room in this house including the basement and we’ve ripped up carpet to find original hardwood floors. My bathroom is my current project. Dark green tile floor, swirly mint green countertop. Yep, picture it… super outdated. I’ve tried to paint the vanity and walls to make it more livable, but it’s time. I know this is not an overnight project, but I’m good with that. We just hung a new storage unit on the wall and moved some other things around and it immediately looks better! We are keeping our eyes peeled at the hardware stores for new light fixtures and new sink/countertop.

I do love making our house into our forever home, but boy oh boy, my hubs is probably getting tired of hearing my next new idea to make our home better!

“HI Riggies”

Madelyn has loved our dog Riggins since she started noticing he was around. Before we brought her home, we did the whole blanket with her baby smell on it with dad before she officially came home. Riggins really didn’t need anything like that. He knew that this little person was part of our family for good. He’s been so gentle and sweet with her since day one.

The second we walk in the door from going anywhere, Madelyn immediately gets this toddler/dog baby talk voice on as she says, “Hi Riggies” with a big hug around his neck. She loves to give him treats, treat him like he is one of her dolls, put blankets over him and straddle him with the biggest hug he can handle.

She gets his leash ready for walks and says, “Good boy Riggies” whenever he listens to us. Riggins is her protector. He waits on the top step outside of her room until I come out after putting her to sleep. The second he hears she is up from her nap, he rushes upstairs to wait outside of her door. They have the sweetest bond and I hope it continues to grow as she gets older.


St. Patrick’s Day Fun

I’m a reuben lover. Anytime a reuben is on a menu at a restaurant, I can’t pass it up. When Matt and I first starting dating, we knew St. Patrick’s Day was the perfect time to start our own reuben tradition.

This year was extra fun, we were having my in laws and other family over this year so the kids could play. I had two crockpots of corned beef for reubens going, Guinness beer cheese dip along with a green veggie dip for appetizers and pistachio pudding bundt cake for dessert. I was actually worried I had made too much food, or so Matt had thought.

The family came over, the appetizers were devoured. Reubens were put together perfectly and cake was such a hit! Along with delicious beer flowing and good times with family, I’d say this was the best year yet! And, we don’t even have that many leftovers…I told you so Matt 😉

Easter Candy

Why oh why do I get sucked into going down the seasonal aisles at the stores? My daughter’s Easter Basket is pretty much complete. I’ve picked up a few things for my husband’s, I really don’t need anything else, but for some reason you seem to call my name!

I feel like I’ll miss out on something cute if I don’t just take a stroll down the aisle. We are not snack on candy type people, but Easter jelly beans always do me in!

Ugh, I’m currently writing while enjoying the sweet, delicious taste of a few jellybeans in my mouth…

Maybe I’ll have more willpower next year.