Our little Madelyn made it known from early on that Mommy was going to do bedtime. It just became our routine. I think because she’s our only little sweetie right now, that of course I’d do bedtime every night and make it easier for everyone.

We recently incorporated daddy into our bedtime routine to let her know that daddy can help too. We lay in our big bed and she picks out a book for each of us to read to her.

Most nights, me putting her to bed is totally fine and I don’t mind it one bit. On a night after having 20 parent/teacher conferences, I was hoping to come home to a quiet house and slip on some comfy clothes to call it a night. That was not the case. I walked in very gently, only to hear screaming coming from upstairs. The second I walked in the room, she calmed down. “Ugh” I thought to myself,” my poor husband was just trying his best.”  I’m sure he feels so defeated right now.

After comforting her for a few minutes, she settled and was asleep. As I was tip toeing out of her room, she realized I had left and began crying again. I tried soothing her through the monitor, that wasn’t happening. I went back in and began patting her behind to help calm her down. I guess she really just needed her mama tonight.


4 thoughts on “Bedtime”

  1. I can picture you tiptoeing into your home with hopes of slipping in quietly. I am sure you were both comforted by some cuddles and snuggles before she drifted off to sleep.


  2. I feel for you. That had to be tough. I know those nights where you just don’t have it, and as much as you want to see your little beauty, you’re okay with them bein in bed that night. Sorry you didn’t get the quiet you needed, but it just shows how much your little one needs you still!


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