What’s in a name

My first name is actually a traditional men’s name in my family. My grandfather was Thomas Kelly and my uncle is David Kelly. My mom chose my first name because of that.

My middle name is Rae. I hated it growing up! I really have no good reason of why I didn’t like it. Friends would call me K-Rae or just plain Kelly Rae. It didn’t help that I was born in Georgia, so it can have a southern twang when you say it.

As I grew older though, I learned to love my name. It has family connections and a connection to where I was born and lived for a short time. When I had my daughter, I wanted her to feel the same as I do now.

Madelyn is not a family name. My husband actually came up with it. I knew the moment he said his idea that I couldn’t picture my new baby girl with any other name. We wanted her middle name to resemble family somehow. We chose Kay because my first name and both her grandmas first names start with a K. Kay represents the three most important women in her life.

Her name Madelyn Kay also sounds similar to mine, Kelly Rae. I love how we are connected in this way.


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