Toddler Giggles

Toddler giggles are absolutely the best! I’m feeling so grateful tonight to have little ones of our friends that are growing up with our Madelyn.

Tonight was so much fun. We had friends over with their kids. I watched closely as my little one is still working on her sharing. She did great! Parenting win! Woo hoo! She also interacted side by side with the kiddos instead of just playing around them.

The kiddos giggled and played, they watched each other and learned. We all knew bedtime was approaching, cringing the second our littles had a meltdown. None of them did and it was the best! The were all so stimulated by each other that they forgot how tired they were.

The adults got so much needed adult time and the kids were so active with each other. Great night overall! So looking forward to another night in the future with friends!


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