Open Bottle

My husband and I entered our craft beer journey right when we started dating 7 years ago. We started with a few beers that just sounded good, then we started educating ourselves on the different styles of craft beer.

We ventured out and started going to beer festivals. Some were inside and some were outside. Some were in the dead of winter, outside. (we were super brave back then) We made pretzel necklaces, stood in lines for yummy beer and met a ton of cool people.

Today it is more difficult to go to those festivals because of our sweet little daughter, but today was a day we got to enjoy. My in laws came in town for the night to babysit Madelyn while we enjoyed a short fest at one of our favorite local bottle shops. Breweries from all over brought two beers each and we sampled so many tasties! We enjoyed some fresh air when eating our lunch from a delicious food truck.

We have learned how to pace ourselves at these festivals over the years, especially now being a mama and dada. We drink a ton of water in between. We had a great time and relieved some fun moments early on in our relationship. We cherish these times we have to keep our relationship strong and are so thankful we have awesome grandparents that want to babysit so often! We ubered home discussing our favorite beers from the fest, walked in the door and our baby girl running to our arms. Perfect day.


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