So I started selling LuLaRoe in June. I found this amazing clothing line after having my daughter. I needed to figure out how to love my post baby body. These clothes helped me do that. They don’t hug too tightly, are comfy and make me feel great.

My husband was skeptical at first about me selling. Once he realized how great I felt while wearing these clothes, he quickly changed his tune. He knew his wife and new mama needed to feel beautiful again and LuLaRoe changed that.

My favorite part of this business is how giving this company is. The goal of this company is truly to make women feel beautiful! I love lugging all my loot to at home parties. The parties are so fun and the smiles on women’s faces when they try something on they love is awesome. Women who didn’t think that they’d fit into these clothes leave will armfuls because there is truly something for everyone in this clothing line.

My daughter is finally able to fit into the kids line. I can’t wait for her to learn how to feel good in her own skin with whatever she chooses to wear.


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