Our classroom reward is called CHAMPS. When we see our entire class doing something great towards their learning, we earn a letter in the word. However many letters we get in a day then we get to pull numbers to fill in our hundred chart. When we fill a row in on our hundred chart, we earn a reward.

Our chart is starting to fill up at this point in the year. Today was a double reward day! We got to play a “Silly Sport and Goofy Game” from Kagan. We also earned an extra recess!

I so enjoyed being outside with my kiddos today. We played relay races and the playground. We giggled, smiled and enjoyed our time together. What a nice way to end the day before a week off for Spring Break! Hoping we will all come back refreshed and ready to learn.


5 thoughts on “CHAMPS Reward”

  1. Oh, I wish I was there to see you guys having fun and just enjoying each other. I feel like it’s rare that you are able to put it all aside and just have pure fun. You had the perfect day for it.


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