My list of gratitude

This is just where my head and heart are tonight…

  1. My husband- he’s just so supportive
  2. My daughter- she is amazing, cuddly, cute, curious, funny and so much more
  3. My mom and grandma- I talk to at least one if not both of them on a daily basis
  4. My teaching partner- she is the strongest person I know
  5. My best friend- she is always my mama drinking buddy at anytime of the day
  6. My students- for giving me sweet hugs at all the right moments
  7. My Co- workers- the best group of people I’ve ever known and most days the reason I keep coming back to work
  8. My dog- he’s just so cute and lovey
  9. Coffee- it keeps me going these days
  10. My home- it’s cozy and makes me feel good

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