Bedtime Babble

My daughter made it known from the start that mommy was going to put her to bed. We’ve always set a bedtime routine to help her settle. Bath, pajamas, milk and books, bed. It used to consist of rocking her to sleep and singing softly to her. Now she doesn’t prefer to be rocked anymore, but now I put her up on my shoulder for a sweet cuddle before I lay her down.

She has added babbling into our routine lately. Her babbles consist of every word in her vocabulary.

“mommy, daddy, bubbles, mimi, bubbles, mommy, dodda, mommy, mom, mom, daddy, shhhhh, la la la, mommy”

(she has more words, I was just exaggerating ;))

I love this new spin on her bedtime routine that she’s added. Sweetest babbles I’ve ever heard.


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