Growth Mindset

So my kids nailed their math learning target today. I mean just rocked it. It was such a pleasure being their teacher today. I was facilitating their learning, they were having these “aha” moments, it was awesome.

We ended up having a few extra minutes to play roll -a-leprechaun before lunch. We did a whole class game. I would roll and they would each add things to their leprechaun. Ultimately, my hardest rolls were the number 2 (getting two dice to roll a 1) and a number 12 (two dice to roll 6) those were the last two rolls we needed to complete our leprechauns.My kids were getting antsy watching me blow on the dice for good luck and roll them onto the carpet, they gathered around me in a circle. They watched me continue to roll and not get the numbers we needed. I knew I needed to model a positive attitude in front of them even secretly wondering to myself if I’d ever roll those two we needed.

All of a sudden I heard one of my students chanting in a whisper voice, “Never never give up, never never give up.” I looked at him and thanked him and continued to roll. A few rolls later, we got the numbers we needed!

I was skeptical at the start of the year deciding to teach my firsties about a growth mindset. Boy was I wrong. They latched onto the idea so easily! They have learned how to encourage each other, themselves and now me! My teacher heart was singing today after hearing that student on their own decide to cheer me on and remind me to have a growth mindset. Thanks to Milan, I never gave up.



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