A Walk With My Daughter

Tonight my husband asked me to take our pup for a walk while he was getting dinner ready. I said yes very unwillingly because of the cold. My daughter overheard and eagerly found me to help bundle her up.To be honest, I was annoyed at first because of the work of bundling her up, taking the stroller out and dealing with walking a dog.

Steps into the walk, I immediately regretted my feelings of annoyance I had previously had. It was the most beautiful thing of seeing and hearing my sweet girl pointing out things in our neighborhood that she now knows the names for. (blue car, bird, tweet tweet, park) She clapped, she giggled at her pup and she observed the world around her.

We ended up taking a longer walk than I had planned for. Once we passed the park and my peanut realized we weren’t going to play. She quickly wanted out of the stroller to walk. I let her walk when we were about 5 houses from home. The pup and I would walk ahead while she stopped to step in teeny tiny piles of snow that seemed like they were made for her. She noticed we would continue walking and would run a few steps with her little legs to catch up. Another small patch of snow would catch her attention and she just had to touch it. Instead of being annoyed that I was tired and hungry, I felt complete joy. So much joy filled my heart watching my daughter become this curious explorer of the world she lived in. I can’t wait to watch her explore more on our next walk.


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