Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

If you were a fan of the TV show called, Friday Night Lights. You know the exact meaning of my title. This is where we got the name for our first love, Riggins LJ Dennis, our pup.

My hubs and I had just gotten married in July, bought our house the February before and we decided we were ready for a fur baby. We both grew up with dogs, so we knew how bad we wanted one to start our little fam.

It was August, we had just returned from our honeymoon. My husband had set up a few dog shelters to visit that day. I had very specific requirements for a dog.

-must be house trained

-no shedding

-and absolutely no puppy

We entered the first shelter and I fell in love. There was no way that I could drag myself to see any other shelter after seeing this pup. His sweet face was everything I wanted.He was also the quietest one at the shelter and did great when we took him out on the leash. He was everything I didn’t want on my list. My husband and I quickly talked it over, but there was no way I was leaving without that sweet, adorable little pup. We were able to walk out with him right then and there. We drove straight to PetsMart to get everything we needed.

The first few nights with him were rough! He did not enjoy his crate once we got him home and only slept on me like a newborn! He was also a very sick puppy, that which we did not know when we got him, but still wouldn’t have changed a thing about our decision.

He is now at 2 years old, still a very sweet and cuddly pup. Loves to be around us at all times and a wonderful companion for our sweet daughter, Madelyn.

We decided on the name Riggins after one of our favorite characters on Friday Night Lights. LJ is for our two family dogs Lucky and Jack and last name Dennis. Riggins is a reminder that we started our little family with clear eyes and full hearts and with those two things, we can’t lose.



3 thoughts on “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose”

  1. Oh, what a great story, Kelly. I can just picture you falling in love with that pup the moment you saw him.

    I absolutely love how you took us back to the title at the end and how it became kind of the theme of your piece. So great.


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