My daughter got bit at the sitter

My daughter got bit at the sitter today and it makes me feel so sad. Now to be honest, this is the third time it’s happened. It’s by the same little guy who is around her age. My daughter isn’t the only victim in this situation though, she is definitely not a great sharer yet. The text from my sitter went something like this,

“Just FYI, wanted you to know that Madelyn has had a few run ins with some of the kids today. She took V’s toy twice and I reminded her to share then she turned around and took E’s truck. He got mad and bit her.”

My heart sank because I just pictured her crying from the bite. I pictured her sitting in time out being upset and so young. Young enough to not quite understand the whole situation yet. Also, upset because she is the instigator. I hope my sitter rubbed her back when she was upset or snuggled her to let her know that it was okay. I hope she also coached her through how to share the right way.

I told my sitter that we will continue to practice sharing. The other little guy’s mom texted me because she was horrified that her child continues this behavior. Tomorrow is a new day at the sitter and I hope my little one will eventually learn from her mistakes.




3 thoughts on “My daughter got bit at the sitter”

  1. Ugh! So hard! My coworker has had the exact same thing happen to her daughter and she told me the story almost in exactly the way you did. Must be very developmentally appropriate! Doesn’t make it easier.


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