Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday’s have really changed since Miss Madelyn came along. Our Sunday routine used to be going to a new brewery or our favorite place for bloody marys while enjoying conversation with people around us and putting together our grocery list on a whim for the week.

Today we woke at the same time because my toddler is an early riser. Enjoyed dunkin donuts coffee while watching Mickey Mouse and playing with toys. We giggled at her when she does something silly, which is a lot. She gave lots of cuddles to our pup Riggins.

We finally decided to get dressed. We still love to enjoy a drink during the day and have found a super kid-friendly bottle shop that has a few beers on tap. We enjoy a nice beer while our little one draws on the chalkboard wall they have set up for kiddos.

We still cherish nap time on Sunday’s because one of us goes grocery shopping that has all our meals planned out for the week. After nap, is more play time and a walk with our little family.

Sunday Funday’s are definitely different these day but now they have a whole new , wonderful meaning.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Funday”

  1. Yes, those kids really do change our routines. Sounds like you guys found a whole new kind of wonderful though.

    I loved this post – loved seeing the different way you guys are spending your days – all of which sounds perfectly lovely to me!


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