Housework with a toddler can be done!

I’m proud to say that my husband and I have successfully gotten more done today than we have in a long time!

swimming lessons- done

painted dining room while she napped- done

cleaned bathroom-done

vacuumed downstairs- done

kitchen cleaned- done

bathed toddler-done


hung things back on walls in dining room-done

Feeling super accomplished today! Looking forward to a birthday celebration dinner for a family member and actually enjoying our weekend day tomorrow! Such a wonderful feeling to cross things off a to-do list! My shoulders are finally feeling a bit lighter after quite a few weeks of feeling like I was drowning in life. The sun is shining and a smile is on my face!


5 thoughts on “Housework with a toddler can be done!”

  1. I love days like this, Kelly. It’s so nice to feel productive and it’s especially sweetened with a day of relaxation and visiting with family tomorrow. Just what you needed, I’m sure. 🙂


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