As I stare at the walls in my dining room tonight (I surprised my husband last weekend by telling him I wanted to paint the walls in our dining room ;)) I feel so lucky. My dining room decor is created by my wonderfully talented younger brother Andy.

We are Irish twins, same age for 2 days. Yes, my mom was in denial when she realized that she would be bringing home a newborn on her daughter’s first birthday. My brother and I are a year apart in school and did not always get along growing up.

He went to art school in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has lived there ever since. My mom knew at a very young age, he was not going to have a traditional job. He was born an artist.

Everyone knows him in Grand Rapids. He is the guy that bands ask to paint by the stage as they are performing. Beer in his hand, blank canvas, sketched ideas on a napkin 10 minutes before the band starts. Complete opposite of me. People walk up to him as he is creating the art in front of them and offer to buy the piece. During the day, he works at a t shirt print factory and loves every second of it.

Over the years, we have grown so much closer. He now has a 5 year old daughter who is just as creative, smart and amazing as he is. We face time so our daughters can connect, we reminisce about our lovely childhood and we relish in our memories we are now creating.

I am so lucky to have him as a part of my home. The incredible paintings that he painted from a photograph color my walls. He continues to inspire me. He is peaceful, calm and always kind. He is something I could never be and I am so envious. I hope my daughter inherits his beautiful creativity.



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