My school has started a STEM project for each grade and I am so excited about this! I have dabbled with it a few times this year and have really seen the benefit of these activities.

My first graders are designing and creating their own cable cars. We will be testing them tomorrow to see if they can hold weight and suspend in the air. It will be so fun to see the reaction from the students and all of the learning they are gaining from this process!

We are also creating a trap for a leprechaun next week within our classroom! We have started a beautifully written chapter book about a very special friendship with a leprechaun and the kiddos are loving it! I can not wait to see the excitement on their faces when I tell them their new STEM project next week!

STEM has inspired creativity, collaboration, innovation, motivation and engagement in my classroom!


4 thoughts on “STEM”

  1. I am also really excited about the possibilities that STEM is bringing to our kids. It’s bringing so much fun and excitement to the school and the kids love to talk about their ideas. TRUE creativity!


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