My little talker

I have to be honest, most of my posts are going to be about my daughter because she continues to amaze me every single day. I truly can not believe that one year and a half ago, she made me a mom.

Her milestones have been so much fun to watch. From rolling over, to solid foods, to crawling, walking, clapping and so much more. Her learning how to communicate by words has just blown me away!

She has always been quite the babbler. She stares you right in the eyes and babbles her “Madelyn” language expecting some type of response. Now along with those babbles are actual words. Her words. Her words that she has learned from her mommy and daddy. Complete amazement.

She is starting to understand my directions or descriptions of things more and more. She copies words she hears us say. She has sweet names for her favorite characters of Mickey Mouse. “Dodda” for Donald and “Mimi” for Mickey. I want to bottle up her sweet voice to listen to her words forever.


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