Day 4- This stage of life

I spent all morning with 3 of my closet friends and their children. There was a 5, 3, 2, 1 1/2 and a newborn. We all had the morning free and thought it would be great to spend time together and eat lunch.

I played with my child, I played with my friend’s kids, I held a sleeping newborn while my toddler cried at my leg to show her attention. I fed my daughter with one hand while I ate my sandwich with the other. I had teachable moments with my peanut about sharing and made sure nothing small went into her mouth. I stood back and watched while she giggled with the other kids. The kids that she would grow up with.
We all chatted, laughed, there were even some tears. On the drive home, I reflected on how tired I felt because my daughter woke up at 5:30 this morning, was up one time last night and never sits still because she’s always exploring. I reflected how happy I was that my friends and I get together all of the time to enjoy our time together and let the kids play. I reflected on how I have loved every stage with my daughter a little bit more. I reflected on how full my heart was and I would not want anything to change.


5 thoughts on “Day 4- This stage of life”

  1. This is exactly the kind of friendship and community that I am hoping to create with my second kiddo. What a peaceful experience that even as chaotic as it might feel at the time, it evolves into the most wonderful memories and deepens relationships all around!


  2. Oh, gosh, Kelly, I know exactly how you feel. Those days are fun, exhausting, and great memories to cherish. But they are exhausting!

    I love this line: I reflected on how I have loved every stage with my daughter a little bit more. That’s exactly how I feel about my girls too – both nostalgic for what they were and filled with joy at what they’re becoming.

    As a side note – we should look at your blog on Monday and try to figure out why today’s post wasn’t at the top. It should be most recent first. I only ask because when I first clicked on your blog address I thought you hadn’t yet written today until I scrolled down a bit. I wonder if others have thought the same thing.


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