Day 3- Tot Rock

I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter. She is sweet, smart, curious and extremely independent. Since I am a working mom, I am always searching for something Madelyn and I can do outside of our normal home routine to continue to build our bond. My girlfriend who also has a toddler wanted to know if we wanted to join them at a Tot Rock class. (pretty much a themed weekly class with things to shake, move and groove to) I thought it was a great idea!

My husband and I are both teachers. Our expectations for our daughter are already so high because we have seen a lot within our classrooms and just really want to raise a great kiddo!

I walk in to the first tot rock class thinking I had really prepped Madelyn for what was to be expected.

“Maddie, we are going to have so much fun listening to the teacher, sitting when she tells us to and exploring!”

Maddie smiles and nods.

Actual first class…

Only child crying to give the items back, running to the door to open and leave, crying so loudly we actually had to walk out and she refused to go back into the class.

I actually cried on the way home while talking to my husband.

Fast forward a few weeks later…

Tonight at tot rock I stared in awe and amazement of my sweet and helpful little girl. She participated beautifully, explored carefully and was the teacher’s little helper while cleaning up and returning the things the kids were playing with.

Lesson learned mama. She needs time and practice because she is just a little peanut. Still continue to prep her for new situations and let her have those bad days when she has them because she needs her mama most then. I did not give up on her and just pull her from the class for one bad night. I continued to give her opportunities to get better. Major lesson learned mama.



4 thoughts on “Day 3- Tot Rock”

  1. That last paragraph got me. You are still learning just like she is, and I can imagine especially as teachers, you think “I’ll never be the mom of THAT kid”, but really EVERY kid is THAT kid sometimes!


  2. Oh man! I can relate to the hard first experience of a child with your own teacher parent expectations! Glad it turned out to be a great experience in the long run. I really like how your last paragraph contains a moral of the story in such a simple short phrase.


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