Date Night

My husband and I truly value our time together. We love to share a love of food, drinks and good conversation with each other. We are both teachers, so let’s just say that we try not to continue “shop talk” at home. When we get a short time away from our gorgeous, cuddly and sweet little toddler… we really value it.

Grandma watched our peanut last night while we enjoyed a very early dinner and tasting at our favorite restaurant, Cooper’s Hawk. We tasted wines, we chatted with the servers, we ate a delicious dinner and we vented to each other. Life has been very hard and emotional lately. We BOTH needed the vent session. It was amazing, motivating and so genuine.

I think we both walked in our door with a rejuvenated outlook on life and our careers. Not that our vent session was related to our relationship, but we have had to deal with many hurdles and life path questions lately. Also, as I am currently typing this while watching “The Voice” a singer is singing our wedding song, “You are the best thing” by Ray LaMontagne. I can say after a much needed date night, my eyes are clear and my heart is full.


4 thoughts on “Date Night”

  1. What a sweet snapshot! A small moment for a time capsul! I think it can be hardest to write about a spouse and yet you so wonderfully did that here. Glad you got some well deserved time out!


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