First blog post-#truth

This is the post excerpt.


Truth is…I do not know much about blogging. I think I can count on one hand how many times I have followed someone else’s blog. I know I loved reading one runner’s journey and how she managed being a mama and wife too. Now I read a few other mom’s blogs, but that’s really it. My husband often tells me he feels like he is teaching his grandma about technology when I ask him “techie” questions.

I do not consider myself a wonderful writer, so to be honest this challenge makes me a bit nervous! I do enjoy reading about other people and feeling like I am not alone in certain situations. I am looking forward to getting to know more about the wonderful people I work with!

I decided to do this challenge because I do want to expand my mindset and see how I can stretch myself with this. I do teach first grade kiddos, so I am not sure how I can apply this to my classroom, but I am very open to new ideas! vintage-4

3 thoughts on “First blog post-#truth”

  1. Welcome to slice of life! I’m looking forward to reading more posts! Your experience is sure to benefit even first grade writers just for your ability to commiserate with the process! Can’t wait to hear more!


  2. This first step can be a doozy, so bravo for taking it. (If you *weren’t* feeling nerves, then I’d truly be concerned.) By the end of March, I predict you’ll be blogging circles around your husband 🙂 As for first-grade, check out these two sample blogs from kiddos about that age: and Never say never 😉 I scoped these via the hashtag #comments4kids.


  3. Kelly, sometimes I think what we get out of this challenge is more personal than professional. For me, it’s been about capturing so many moments of my daughters’ lives that has been the most powerful thing. Telling their stories, you know? So glad you’re doing this!


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