Car riding with my little

My daughter started hating the car when she was about 6 weeks old. That lasted for almost a year. We did not drive anywhere longer than 30 minutes for a very long time to avoid the terrible meltdown my peanut would have in the car.

Nothing we did to try to soothe her worked. It was miserable for everyone. She just hated the car. Now that she’s a bit older, it is so much better. Thank goodness for that because my brother and his family live in Michigan.

We usually try to plan our longer trips around her nap time still so she sleeps a bit in the car. The rest of the time is spent singing along to her favorite music, reading books, watching a movie for our really long trips and lots of snacks! It is much more enjoyable for us to ride with her. We love that she’s a happy girl in the car these days.

Our trip to Michigan this time was to meet my new niece Veda. We chatted a lot about Veda in the car and how Madelyn would get to play with her big cousin Aili as well. I’m so thankful that car rides are better these days because of all the great memories that are made with my brother and his sweet family in Michigan.

I giggle to myself thinking about telling Madelyn the stories about our car rides good and bad when she’s older. I wonder what she will say about herself and why she thinks she hated the car so much in those early days.

College Friends

I’m so super lucky to be best friends with all of my college roommates. They were all in my wedding, I’ve been in theirs and we continue to share life together. It is just so amazing.

Today I had the privilege of meeting a new baby of our college friend group. Another roomie and I had planned on meeting up today at the new mama of two’s house to bring her family dinner and snuggle her new baby while helping to entertain her toddler and attempt to catch up with each other.

We did just that and more. We hugged, we laughed, we caught up on our lives-even though there’s not a ton of catching up to do since we group text weekly! Her sweet babe slept the entire time and her toddler was a perfect angel.

We are bridesmaids in our other roomie’s wedding this summer so we chatted a lot about that, shared mama stories and made future plans together with our families.

I feel so fortunate to have these girls and their growing families in my life. I adore each one and we continue to give strength to each other while reminiscing about our good ole’ college days. Love you 307 N. Johnson girls.

Build a Bear

We took our little peanut to her first Build a Bear experience today. We tried prepping her last night what it was all about, but it was a little hard for her to understand. I knew she’d love it once we got there.

We drove to a mall location by us, pretty much right when they opened. Thank goodness we were the only customers in the store! The clerk was laid back, gave us the run down of how it works and let us go at it. I had heard stories about how they pressure you to buy everything so I was a bit relieved when this lady was not like that.

Madelyn didn’t quite know which bear to pick she was so excited. She finally settled on a sweet, cuddly pink bear. She chose a Frozen song to put inside it, followed the cute routine they had to put in the bear’s hearts and didn’t want to spend too much time washing or brushing the bear. Her eyes were set on the clothing for the bear. She saw the princess section and knew this pink bear needed a princess dress. We had a gift card (thank goodness) so we let her pick out two outfits for the bear and a princess crown. She named the bear Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. We couldn’t sway her at all from a princess name.

Since we’ve been home, she’s changed Aurora’s outfit to the princess jammies we picked out and she’s given Aurora plenty of cuddles. I’m pretty sure Aurora is going to bed with her tonight. I loved being able to share this experience with her. She thanked the clerk who helped us when she left the store and she thanked mommy and daddy once she got in her carseat.

Date Night

My hubs and I are super fortunate that my parents can always watch Miss Madelyn once a month so we can go on a date night.

Now our date nights consist of going to our favorite restaurant Cooper’s Hawk. We are two bottle wine club members, but we also love love love the food. We go to an early dinner so I can be home to put my peanut to bed. (I’m talking our reservation was at 5:30 tonight…early bird special)

We love all the food on their menu, honestly it’s just so delicious. We usually get a bottle of wine for the table. (After our complimentary tasting due to our wine club membership).

Tonight we definitely indulged in the carbs. The warm, delicious pretzel bread is complimentary so how could we pass that up. We also had a $25 reward to use towards dinner so we didn’t want to spend much more than that. We were huge dorks and strategically ordered things that we knew we could split in half so we could each enjoy two different entrees. I ordered this delicious southern hot chicken. It was an open faced biscuit sandwich with chicken on top of slaw and a blue cheese dressing with a side of mac and cheese! (total comfort food) Matt ordered this super tasty favorite of ours, crispy fish sandwich with asian slaw on it. We split both evenly and enjoyed the night.

Now we are sitting here enjoying our shows, bellies full and totally content on our short, but sweet parent night out. Grandparents are the best babysitters.

Bath Fun

My child has never loved that bath. Crazy right? Lately, she’s gotten much better about getting in and staying in. Our bath routine has to have bubbles, Mr. Foam soap and her Frozen washcloth. I do a quick wash to get it over with, then she can play.

She has become so creative and imaginative with her play in her little 2 1/2 year old age. She lays out her washcloth on the edge of the tub like it’s my placemat. She fills her Minnie cup that we use to wash her hair with water like it’s my drink and she asks me what I want to eat. “What you want mama?”

We go back and forth with all the things she can cook me in the tub. French fries, pancakes, ice cream and chicken nuggets. She asks if I want sprinkles and ketchup with all of them. I pretend to eat her delicious bath water cooking and we giggle. I’m thankful she likes to stay in the tub longer these days because I’d never get to experience this super sweet routine we have.

Grocery Pickup

Grocery pickup has been absolutely life-changing. Why oh why will I ever bring a toddler into a grocery store again?

I got the tip from my teaching partner about WalMart Grocery pickup. All you do is download the app, put in your order, select a time to pick it up and they email you when it’s ready! I’ve been an avid user ever since.

Weekly I connect my order from Emeals. I also add other things to our order that we need for lunches and breakfasts. I loaded my order this morning and was able to pick up this evening! Took two minutes for them to come out with my order and they help load it into the car.

Thank you WalMart grocery pickup, you have been so super easy and consistent with good groceries for months now. I appreciate you.

Bunny Brunch

This is our 4th year living in Lockport. We absolutely adore this town. It has such a small town feel to it. Now that Madelyn is getting older, we are getting more involved in local activities.

This morning we had signed up to have brunch at a Lockport banquet hall with the Easter Bunny. I got the tip from a mom at ballet class that this was such a low key, well run event. Brunch was buffet style and very tasty. There was no line to take a picture with the bunny, it was just walk up as you please. Madelyn was a bit under the weather today so she did not want to go by herself, but we were able to get a family photo sitting next to the bunny. After brunch, we went outside for the egg hunt. It was very chilly, but we were prepared. Lockport firefighters came with their truck and the bunny went up in the basket of the truck to watch the egg hunt over everyone. They had age groups for the hunt to make it a bit more fair. It was definitely a no stress morning and such a great event. We will do it again next year.

We’ve also had great success with out local library when Mr. and Mrs. Claus visit during Christmastime! They put on a song and dance show first while the kids watch and then it’s right to pictures with them. Barely a line and another great event in our little town. During the summer, we frequent the Monday night car show and farmer’s market. It’s not much of a market, but a lot of food vendors with a band performance. We always look forward to it! We didn’t know much about Lockport when we moved here, but we’ve settled in nicely.