Toddler Giggles

Toddler giggles are absolutely the best! I’m feeling so grateful tonight to have little ones of our friends that are growing up with our Madelyn.

Tonight was so much fun. We had friends over with their kids. I watched closely as my little one is still working on her sharing. She did great! Parenting win! Woo hoo! She also interacted side by side with the kiddos instead of just playing around them.

The kiddos giggled and played, they watched each other and learned. We all knew bedtime was approaching, cringing the second our littles had a meltdown. None of them did and it was the best! The were all so stimulated by each other that they forgot how tired they were.

The adults got so much needed adult time and the kids were so active with each other. Great night overall! So looking forward to another night in the future with friends!

Sweet Tooth

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. I enjoy baking too! My favorite things are any type of bars, cream filled anything and donuts. I swear I could live off these if my body let me!

I enjoy trying out new bakeries when we travel or supporting local bakeries and trying their goodies. I love finding new recipes off Pinterest and testing them out for my hubs!

As I’ve gotten older though, I can’t indulge every single night in a delicious brownie or piece of cake. I find myself just craving a small morsel of something sweet! My new go-to is Costco’s sea salt dark chocolate caramels! Holy amazing! Serving size is 1.4…but come on! .4? That pretty much means 2 or at least that’s what I tell myself to feel better as I reach into the container for another caramel.

Just one of those days…

Today was just one of those days that the sun did not come out.

Today was just one of those days that I changed out of dirty pajamas into clean pajamas and wore them all day.

Today was just one of those days that my peanut wasn’t feeling her best.

Today was just one of those days that too many Mickey episodes were watched because she wanted to snuggle.

Today was just one of those days that she preferred to not wear pants and keep her winter boots on around the house.

Today was just one of those days that we let her enjoy two mini popsicles.

Today was just one of those days that in between loads of laundry, memories were made.

Today was just one of those days that every time we cleaned up, she found a cute reason to dump it all out again.

Today was just one of those days that we loved on her as much as we could.

Today was just one of those days and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Open Bottle

My husband and I entered our craft beer journey right when we started dating 7 years ago. We started with a few beers that just sounded good, then we started educating ourselves on the different styles of craft beer.

We ventured out and started going to beer festivals. Some were inside and some were outside. Some were in the dead of winter, outside. (we were super brave back then) We made pretzel necklaces, stood in lines for yummy beer and met a ton of cool people.

Today it is more difficult to go to those festivals because of our sweet little daughter, but today was a day we got to enjoy. My in laws came in town for the night to babysit Madelyn while we enjoyed a short fest at one of our favorite local bottle shops. Breweries from all over brought two beers each and we sampled so many tasties! We enjoyed some fresh air when eating our lunch from a delicious food truck.

We have learned how to pace ourselves at these festivals over the years, especially now being a mama and dada. We drink a ton of water in between. We had a great time and relieved some fun moments early on in our relationship. We cherish these times we have to keep our relationship strong and are so thankful we have awesome grandparents that want to babysit so often! We ubered home discussing our favorite beers from the fest, walked in the door and our baby girl running to our arms. Perfect day.


So I started selling LuLaRoe in June. I found this amazing clothing line after having my daughter. I needed to figure out how to love my post baby body. These clothes helped me do that. They don’t hug too tightly, are comfy and make me feel great.

My husband was skeptical at first about me selling. Once he realized how great I felt while wearing these clothes, he quickly changed his tune. He knew his wife and new mama needed to feel beautiful again and LuLaRoe changed that.

My favorite part of this business is how giving this company is. The goal of this company is truly to make women feel beautiful! I love lugging all my loot to at home parties. The parties are so fun and the smiles on women’s faces when they try something on they love is awesome. Women who didn’t think that they’d fit into these clothes leave will armfuls because there is truly something for everyone in this clothing line.

My daughter is finally able to fit into the kids line. I can’t wait for her to learn how to feel good in her own skin with whatever she chooses to wear.


Our classroom reward is called CHAMPS. When we see our entire class doing something great towards their learning, we earn a letter in the word. However many letters we get in a day then we get to pull numbers to fill in our hundred chart. When we fill a row in on our hundred chart, we earn a reward.

Our chart is starting to fill up at this point in the year. Today was a double reward day! We got to play a “Silly Sport and Goofy Game” from Kagan. We also earned an extra recess!

I so enjoyed being outside with my kiddos today. We played relay races and the playground. We giggled, smiled and enjoyed our time together. What a nice way to end the day before a week off for Spring Break! Hoping we will all come back refreshed and ready to learn.

Ode to Spring Break

Spring break, spring break I’m happy you’re here!

This teacher is tired, it’s been quite a year.

The kids are all done, my desk is a mess.

Let’s bust out the wine and forget all the rest!

And when we come back, we’ll be all refreshed

Who am I kidding, being a teachers the best? Right? Anybody?

This was written in collaboration with my hubs tonight. He is a 5th grade teacher so this is definitely the feel in our household right now!